Top 10 Reason Not To Quit Blogging:-

Top 10 Reason Not To Quit Blogging. Doing quit sometimes remains the last option for so many people. They want to start again, fight again but somehow it seems that doing that thing at that time is not less than impossible and this results out as losing your battle. When it comes to quitting on your dreams on your vision, then it terms out as one of the most difficult things to do but when people don’t find any way out they decide to quit.

Today in this article we want to remind you guy’s a simple thing which you guy already knows and that is Impossible = I am possible. Yeah, any problem comes with a solution but all we have to do is to find the solution to that particular problem. S0, stay focused and think once again with a positive thought in your mind before quitting.

Why are we writing Top 10 Reason Not To Quit Blogging?

Top 10 Reason Not To Quit Blogging

Top 10 Reason Not To Quit Blogging

Numbers of bloggers in India has been increased from the year 2005 but one common thing which we found in India that most of the bloggers not able to survive into this particular format and after working some time they quit. As they found doing blogging very much difficult and earning from their blog becomes much more difficult and they don’t feel that blogging is a secure option for choosing a full-time career.

Guy’s we want from you to think once again before quitting blogging profession. Just go ahead with below-shared points and we hope that after reading these points. You will drop the idea of quitting your blogging journey.

Top 10 Reason Not To Quit Blogging:-

10). Why You Had Started Your Blogging? :- Ask yourself what was thought in your mind when you had started your blog. Is your goal of creating a website has been completed. We know that you are thinking that that time when you had started your blog you had not taken a correct decision. Don’t think like that – Just search about the blogs and bloggers who had started their blogging journey at the time when you had.

Now, feel to ask from them and search about them that what different thing they had done, which you had not done. That’s why they are successful today and you are not. Rectify all the errors and mistakes. After that start again along with the willpower that you will surely be going to become successful.

9). Lack Of Resource Required:- Clear one thing in your mind that if you want to survive then, no doubt you have to work. Whatever you do, wherever you go you have to work and in case you are thinking of starting your own but different business or for choosing a different profession then, keep one thing in your mind that all those things are also going to require a huge amount of efforts and fund.

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Whereas on the other hand, you are doing blogging for a long time. You know about this very well. Now, coming onto the best part it requires very less amount of investment to start or doing blogging.

8). R&D & Experience Required:- If you think for a minute that you had closed your blog and now you have to start a different business or have to choose a different profession then, you had learned about that profession and have to do complete R&D onto that particular business.

Whereas on the other hand, you had complete knowledge of your current profession about blogging. Yeah, there is still so, many things to learn no doubt into this but you are familiar with most of the things/topics and that will help you to learn easily.

7). Easy To Explore & Learning:- See in whatever field you go. It will take a good amount of time and a good amount of money to learn “How to do work in that profession ?” whereas in blogging. It does not require a long time. You can start working from the first day learn it and utilize it. Also, in this field, there are numerous people who are available to help you free without any cost.

This quality you will not be going to find out anywhere else or in any other profession. So, this is also very much important according to the point of view of choosing to blog as a profession.

6). Skilled & Good Command Over Language:- Even if you choose the profession of a guide of tourist places then, also you will feel the need of having good command on the English language along with punctuations. Whereas in Blogging if you are not that much good in English then, it will not going to be a very big problem for you. You can use software likes Grammarly, which will be going to help you correct all the errors in grammar while writing your article.

So, no need of feeling afraid of writing the article. Be positive and keep doing with more dedication thing which you are doing.

5). Fan Following:- Everybody wants that people know about them, about their existence. They want that everybody staying around them notice them and give importance to them. For Example: If you are working in a company you would like that all your fellow colleagues share their feelings, food, and jokes with you. They love you and your company and admire your presence but this thing possible only if you are handsome, money man or holding a senior position.

Whereas in blogging it does not matter how good looking you are, how much money you have. The only thing which going to be a matter that is how good you are at writing and how much success your website is at present. Once you get this task done, then there are numerous people waiting to follow you and admire all the things you are saying.

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4). Platform:- At, present competition is very much tough. Especially, in India after demonizing all the business are going down day by day. So, finding platform/job to perform becomes difficult in comparison to earlier time. According to our sources, the problem happens causes of demonetization is going to be solved soon. Still, until then, or even after that, there must be a place, where you can perform successfully and your own identity.

Well, we can tell you this “Blogging is one of the most successful platforms, we all have at present”. So, don’t lose your focus and keep doing what you are doing to become successful.

3). Freedom:- We all had listened to this one word. That is popular as popular as freedom. Everybody wants to live a life full of freedom. Somehow in doing /completing Job, family responsibilities and other things. You will never go to get time to enjoy your life freely. What if you get a profession into which you will be able to work sitting at you choice place. Either at your home or your favorite destination. Yes, blogging is a similar profession you are looking for. You need a high-speed internet connection and laptop/pc for working. This is one of the most important reasons we want to tell you that never leave blogging. As you would not going to get this luxury thing in any other profession easily.

2). Money:- Only reason for which we all have to leave our bed, early in the morning. Go out and work for someone else. Follow his/her order to complete next 8 to 9 hours. What if we tell you that you do not have to leave your bed. You can start your work whenever you want. You can work according to your choice. Earn as much as money you want, no boundaries. Yes, here in Blogging you have a freedom. There is no fixed salary. As much hard work you do as much money you will go to make through blogging. Still, one thing is sure for you over here and that is you will going to get paid. Even for that day, you had not worked.

1). Name & Fame:- When you do a job. Then, hardly your project associates know you. But if you are doing blogging. Then, there are no limits you can make your followers and fans from so, many different countries. Soon, along with the success of your site. You will also be going to become a very much successful blogger. In no time people will start following you and admiring you. You will start feeling special and going to get respected by your followers.

So, above we had shared top 10 reasons, which is going to help you not to quit blogging. If you are facing any problem with your blog or need any guidelines. Then, there is a list of bloggers available for your help freely. You can also share your query with us via using below shared comment box.