How To Submit Website Sitemap On Google Bing Yahoo Yandex

How To Submit Website Sitemap On Google Bing Yahoo Yandex
How To Submit Website Sitemap On Google Bing Yahoo Yandex

How To Submit Website Sitemap On Google Bing Yahoo Yandex:-

How To Submit Website Sitemap On Google Bing Yahoo Yandex. If you are a new blogger or you had recently, started your website and want to become successful as a blogger then, you have to be very careful with the performance of your website on search engines. If you want to get a good amount of traffic/visitors from search engine. Who will come to read your articles or your content? Then, you have to submit your sitemap on all these search engines.

In this article you will come to know about Search Engine, It’s Working and How to submit your website on these search engines? First of all, we want to tell you about the search engine and it’s benefits/uses.


Search Engine:- Search an engine is a software which works to full fill all the search queries of users. For ex-Google. Yes, whenever you type your query in Google (Search Engine) then, it starts working to full fill your request in a few seconds (Depends on the speed of internet/server). In technical terms, a search engine fetches the data from websites and show in its search results.

Why It Is Important To Link Your Website With Search Engine?  

If you are a new blogger having a new website then, one thing is clear and that is your site is not that much popular so, that viewers would directly come to your site. So, in this case, you had to take help of search engines like Google or Bing. They will tell viewers about the site content of your website. So, your site can be visited by viewers. It will help you to gain traffic for your website and that will slowly make your site popular and successful. Also, it will keep motivating you.

How To Submit Website Sitemap On Google Bing Yahoo Yandex:-

Now, the question is how to submit your website to these search engines. Don’t worry guy’s over here on We will be going to share all the detailed info required by our viewers. So, guys just stay tuned go ahead with below-given content.

1). Submit Site With Google Search Engine:- 

Well, the first thing a blogger do after creating his/her website is to submit his site on Google. Well, without taking your more time let’s go ahead with the procedure. First of all, we recommend you Yoast SEO plugin for your site. As it is one of the most popular SEO plugins for a WordPress site and it provides an option over there you can submit website verification codes. Please have a look in the below-shared image :

How To Submit Your Website Into Google Search Engine
Best Way To Submit Website Into Search Engines

After installing the Yoast Plugin you will get an option of SEO on the left side of the dashboard. Next to setting tab. After visiting on SEO you will get three options, Dashboard, Features and Webmasters Tools. Now, click on Webmaster tools. Over there you will get options for submitting verification codes. As shown in the
above-shared picture.

Also, if you are not using this Yoast plugin then, you can easily paste that code into editor option of your theme into the header page (header.php) over their paste the code after <head> and before </head> use <div> verification code </div>. Direct steps to reaching the header.php page for pasting code = Appearance – Editor – Header.php.

Now, we are telling you how you can get the code for verifying your website. If you are using the Yoast plugin then, you can click directly on a link shared along with the blank box, as shown in above-shared pictures like Google Search Console. Else you can visit this page through Google Search. For our viewers, we are providing you that link directly, over here  – Click Here.

Over there, you got an option to additional property. click on that and submit your website over there. Go ahead with the below-shared picture –

How To Verify Google Webmaster Tool
How To Verify Google Webmaster Tool

After adding your website. You will be asked for the verification method. As shown in the below-shared picture.

Google Site Verification Code
Google Site Verification Code

Now, select the third option and get the verification code and submit it to the above-told method. Then, click on verify and you will find your site gets verified and then, submit it’s sitemap. To search engine and then, visit webmaster tool for check out. Is your site is working fine or not.

As similar to above-shared steps you had to visit Bing, Yahoo, and Yandex to get the verification code and paste into Yoast SEO webmaster tab. You can get these verification codes via directly clicking on below given links in Yoast webmaster tab.

If you face any problem or query then, share it with us and we would love to share the solution of that problem with you. So, guys just stay tuned and get all upcoming updates.