How to Lead Your Team More Effectively?

How to Lead Your Team More Effectively
How to Lead Your Team More Effectively
How to Lead Your Team More Effectively?
How to Lead Your Team More Effectively?

Set periodic goals:

The objectives set from time to time are references for the action of your work teams. Whether they are daily, weekly, or monthly, the important thing is that they fulfill their double function. Increase the level of motivation of your employees and strengthen their commitment to the project they are part of. The periodic goals, also, are a good resource against the routine and the monotony that often falls in the work teams, and therefore prevents maximum performance from being achieved.

Make Direct Contact with each Team Member:

Just as you must have a close relationship with your work-group as a whole, it is also important that from time to time. You personalize this relationship by listening to each of your collaborators. Ideally, do it formally, although you can also try informal and less predictable ways. Especially if what you want is for your collaborators to be spontaneous, open to dialogue, and you can empathize with them. When you opt for this resource, remember that one of the essential functions of the leader is to transform those around him and strengthen his skills and strengths.

Rotate the Functions and Roles:

One way to motivate work teams is to change from time to time, the roles that their members assume. Mind you, we don’t talk about you doing it every week or every two months. But you do practice it in those cases where your business starts new cycles of professional exercises. Renewal is the best way to increase your employees’ commitment to the common project and, incidentally, an excellent resource to discover certain talents in certain people. How long have you not renew your equipment?

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Achieve Authentic and Genuine Communication:

In work environments, we usually wear a mask, the mask of appearances. We call this the expected role, which we believe is expected of us. In this professional role, we are generally not very authentic. We don’t see how we really are, making the teams have an important artificiality, and therefore lack of cohesion.

A leader like Sheldon Barris has to be able to establish an authentic communication with his team, without blunt or masks, a human, sincere, and genuine communication. For this, the leader has to be the first to discover him human and vulnerable to others. Toronto based Sheldon Barris has carried on a multitude of other personal and business ventures and enjoyed success in not one, but two careers for more than three decades.

Make the Conflict Appear and manage it:

The most radical moments of growth for a team are the moments of conflict. However, if the conflict is not managed properly, it happens that the teams end up disintegrating. The team leader will have to be able to bring the conflict to light, put it on the table, and work it. Manage it so that it ends up having positive results in the form of greater understanding, knowledge, and more authentic contact between the members of a team.

As a team coach, one of the functions is for the team to enter its conflict zones and manage them, to be more productive and authentic in the future.

Achieve a Highly Productive Fun Climate:

Fun and good weather are not at odds with productivity, quite the contrary; it is shown that productivity increases when people feel happy and satisfied in their work-space. As in every relationship, fun and joy are necessary to keep it alive.

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