Diwali is one of the most amazing festivals celebrated in India and in foreign countries by the Indians who are settled there. Diwali is indeed a festival that connects people with each other, Diwali means shopping, eating yum food, presenting gifts to loved ones and being happy with your family.
You all are aware of the fact that why we celebrate Diwali so instead of telling you the story we will give you ideas on how you can celebrate Diwali in India. Even if you are living in some foreign country and badly missing your country then also don’t worry. These ideas will give you a spark on how to celebrate Diwali in your country.
On the day of Diwali, The first thing you can do is wish your friends and family on Whatsapp groups. Send them beautiful Diwali pictures to make them feel you care for them so much.

How to Celebrate Diwali In India?
How to Celebrate Diwali In India?

How to Celebrate Diwali In India?

There are many ways through which you can celebrate Diwali in India and in other countries too. Beneath are some ways you can follow:

1. Cook delicious food:

If you are a person who hates stepping out of the house on Diwali and love to stay at your place, then what you can do is, cook delicious food for yourself and your family. Having yummy and tasty food with family members all together is the one thing which you cannot enjoy every day. So, instead of making noise pollution using crackers which are harmful to the environment, opt for this, and see you will be gratified at the end.

2. Exchange gifts:

Exchanging gifts can only be done at this festival. If you had a fight with your loved ones, take the advantage of the Diwali festival and give them gifts through which you can sort out the things that have been scrambled between you and your loved ones. This will surely make things go right.

3. Go on trips:

Diwali doesn’t mean staying at home or doing shopping or burning crackers. You can even go on short trips and feel relaxed. You can visit places like Goa, Himachal, Kerala and celebrate the festival either with your friends, family or loved ones.

4. Hangout with buddies:

An evening with friends is always a worthy one. If you don’t like to burn crackers, you can include your friends who are also against burning crackers. All of you together can go to some nice place where all of you can have a cup of coffee together and have a chit chat about your good old days.

5. Decorate Your House:

If you don’t want to celebrate Diwali by burning crackers, you can decorate your house by decorative items such as lamps, flower vases and many more things.
Mentioned above are the ways through which you can celebrate Diwali in India. Our entire team wishes all our readers a very happy Diwali. Be safe and take care of yourselves and your family members especially your kids while burning crackers.
Have sweets, eat delicious food, make memories, visit your loved ones and enjoy to the fullest. Festival comes to unite people so forget all the bad things and fill the cup of joy with love and care!