Is it the correct use of my time?

As a leader, your most important job is to set an example. You need to perform better continuously and do your best in terms of your work. Your work always motivates others to do the best in their work. You have to keep align your work always according to your priorities. This question always hit into our mind that I am doing the right thing or not. A leader always be organized and their work and actions on top into their daily action list. This helps them to keep organized each day.



How can I learn in the right direction?

A Leader always keeps the progress and growth of their team in their mind. Progress and growth directly impact to the performance. You cannot hit your head into the wall and expect to knock, to make the real progress, you need to ask a question to yourself, how can I learn and am I going into the right direction or not? This helps to learn from your mistakes and you can do better in the future.
There is always a lesson we can learn from our failures. Doesn’t matter if your project failed. This gives you a lesson to learn and there is always a situation wherein you can come back smarter and more productive and successful in your next attempt.

I am giving the right direction to others or holding them back?

Leadership is not a single person activity where you are growing only and team members holding back. If you learn how to develop another person or your team members then you will be a real leader.

This is the right thing I am doing?

Leaders need to do a lot of thing in bulk mode. They need to take actions and some decisions go in the right way and some wrong. Sometimes, this part is ignored due to multiple activities that why they are doing, what they are doing? They have to analyze a big picture and behind the picture lots of efforts there.
A leader always is a single person in making the big decisions, you have to hire people, fire them in order to reconstruct your team. So you need to always think clearly in order to achieve their goals. They need to construct the right team with the best skills.
Continuously working is your passion in career path, sometimes while working there are some challenges occurred which is related to your goal. The leader always involves various challenges and they deploy their efforts to solve the challenges. Once the challenge completed this thing give an answer to what you are doing and why are you doing? Once you break the barrier, then your career moving seamlessly.

What legacy leaves behind?

If you have decided to go in a new way or a new chapter of your life, you always need to make a successive plan. This plan helps you others to follow and to take your place and that is the other’s responsibility to carry on your legacy.


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