Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App

Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App
Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App

The article is all about the FaceApp App. Recently the FaceApp Challenge was in trend. In fact, till now people are crazy about this. The FaceApp App challenge was actually a social media challenge where people were uploading their 30 years older photos. And they are doing the same using the FaceApp Application.

Recently, the App was also criticized for some privacy issues. And this makes its users confused that whether they should use the App or not? Therefore, we bring this article to you. You will get everything about the app here. And you also have some Confusions about the App then read the article completely.

FaceApp App

FaceApp is a free photo-morphing mobile application that is used to transform face pictures. You can look older or younger, swap gender in your photos, change your hairstyle and hair color, Add Smile to your face, use amazing filters, add mustache and beard and much more.

The is available for Android and iOS devices. FaceApp uses its AI (Artificial Intelligence) that generates the transformations that look so real. The App was developed by Wireless Lab which is a Russian Company.

Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App
Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App

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Pros And Cons


  • You can use it for free before buying the premium version. However, the free version will come with limited features.
  • Easy and user-friendly user interface.
  • Realistic Output. The transformed photos will look quite real and amazing.
  • You are allowed to customize the specific parts of your picture, manually.
  • It is entertaining and you can create some crazy creations.


  • The free service of the App is limited.
  • Users will get bored because of the lack of features after some time.
  • It cannot adjust the effective filters on its own.
  • Only limited features and options are available.

New Update

  • Bug Fixing.
  • Sliders sensitivity improvements that will help you in using editor tools and other adjustments.
  • Overlay control Improvements for lens flare positioning.

Improvement Features for your Pictures

  1. Impression Filters to beautify your selfies.
  2. Hair Style and Hair Color changing feature.
Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App
Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App
  1. Different makeup options for Day Makeup as well as Night makeup.
  2. Add mustache or beard style to your picture that suits your face.
  3. In Fact, you can also add a beautiful smile on your face. Sounds crazy! Right?
Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App
Facebook APK For Android Best Photo App
  1. Also, you can replace or change the complete background of your image in just one tap.
  2. Enjoy and add charm to your picture with a lot of color filters, blur tools, and a lot of other tools.

Additional Features

  1. Gender Swap option available.
  2. Artificial Intelligence for automatic selection of best hair colors and hairstyle for you.
  3. Age Changing tool.
    1. Look Younger
    1. Look Older

App Permissions

  • It can write to External Storage.
  • It can read from external storage.
  • Access to the information about the networks.
  • It can open Network Sockets.
  • Access the camera of your device.
  • It can prevent the screen of your device from sleeping and processor from sleeping.


#1. Recently, the FaceApp has been criticized for the privacy issues of the user’s data. However, there were no solid proofs that can justify the statement.

#2. After complete research, in my personal opinion, I can say that there are no privacy issues with the App. You can use it risk-free without worrying about privacy issues.

Please note that the second statement is based on our personal research. We are not claiming that the app is 100% safe as we don’t have any technical proof for that.

According to our research, we can say the App is completely safe to use. But it is better to be careful while using any app especially when it can access your camera and photos.


1. What is Face App on Facebook?

FaceApp is a photo-morphing App. It is very popular nowadays. You can use it to transform your face to an old one, or other creepy and hilarious ones. You can also use gender swap option. And a large number of hairstyles are waiting for you. Change your looks and show to your friends.

2. What’s the FaceApp Challenge?

FaceApp Challenge is trending nowadays. It is becoming a new craze for everyone. Everyone is taking this challenge and posting their crazy creations on social media. FaceApp Challenge is actually making your photo look 30 years older and then posting it to social media.

3. What is this Face App thing?

FaceApp is a photo-morphing tool. In simple words, you can say it is a photo transforming tool that can transform your face into an older version, or it can also transform your face into the opposite genders. You can use so many transformation features of this application like hairstyles etc.

4. Is there a FaceApp app for Android?

Yes, FaceApp app is also available for Android. You can easily install it from Playstore. FaceApp Application is available for Android as well as iOS also.

Final Verdict

So, finally, we are at the end of this article. In conclusion, I hope this article will help you to clear your doubts related to the FaceApp App and you will like the article. If you liked it then share this article with your friends. And make them aware of this app and clear their confusion about the app.

Besides all this, if you still have some doubts or confusions then you feel free to share it with us. Just write down all your queries in the Comments Section. At last, Thank you for visiting this website. Keep visiting here for more updates.