Effects Of Huge Fine On Traffic Rules In India

Effects Of Huge Fine On Traffic Rules In India

Hello, viewers India is becoming very much popular and popular country day by day. Also, its government is taking all necessary steps require for making this country better and successful. Few of their steps are not liked so much by the Country men of India like as GST and Traffic Fine. Recently, Traffic rule and their fines are trending topic in India and all the country people are discussing and gossiping about this action of government.

Below into this article we are going to tell you about advantages and disadvantages of this act for Country people specially.

Benefits You Will Get After Changes Traffic Rules In India Fine: –

Effects Of Huge Fine On Traffic Rules In India
Effects Of Huge Fine On Traffic Rules In India

1). Number of Accidents Will Decrease: – One thing here is completely clear and that is riders who are not eligible for riding and also does not have complete knowledge of traffic rules will not going to ride and in case they do they will try to follow all the traffic rules. Also, same for the people have eligibility criteria for riding they will not be going to do rush driving. As, in case they do they will have to pay a huge amount of fine.

That they never want to pay. So, in this scenario number of accidents will surely going to decrease. As, when riders will pay complete attention on rode that will surely going to result out as a safe ride and it will help in decrease number of accidents.

2). Driving on Road Would Become Easy: – Earlier in a state like Delhi riding is a very big task, which is not so easy for anybody over here. In late night and n some areas of Delhi even after 9 PM. People afraid to go but after this rule and heavy fine of Drink and Drive. People will afraid to go on road and do ride after drinking and road will slowly going to be peaceful and even a teenager who have license and necessary documents for riding can drive in anywhere riding service would be available.

3). Positive Effect on Nature: – You all had learnt about pollution in your school time. Also, on of the biggest reason of increasing population. That everybody has vehicle and all of they prefer to ride along into their own vehicle and that has a very negative effect on atmosphere. Carbon is increasing and oxygen count is decreasing day by day.

Now, after huge fine on traffic rules people will afraid to ride on roads with their own vehicle and prefer public transport and in one public transporter number of riders in high in comparison to their own vehicle. Ex:

Previously in vehicle Number of Rider = 1 or 2.

Now, after traffic rules huge fine number of riders in one vehicle is = 4 to 5.

You can see 3 vehicles will automatically would going to remove from roads. This will help to decrease carbon di-oxide from our nature. Also, it will help to reduce daily basis harm in our Ozone layer.

4). Traffic: – One relief we all are for sure going to get after heavy traffic fines. That traffic on roads will be smooth and less in comparison to previous time. As, people will follow traffic rules and all of they will obey red light signals and in this case chances of Traffic jam will be going to be reduced. Result as, less time you had to spent on road.

We hope that above provided facts are enough to show you positive sight of these increased fine amount on traffic rules.

Disadvantages You Have to Face With high Traffic Fines:

1). Money Loss: – In case you are not paying full attention on road and driving carefully then you have to bear huge loss and you have to pay big amount of money in form of fine from your pocket.

2). Time Loss: – Earlier when you broke any traffic rule you have to pay less amount of fine and that anybody can pay easily but now amount of fine is very much high like previously for driving road side fine was 1100 but now it is more than 5k. Not everyone has this amount in their pocket to pay fine at the same time.

In this scenario if you would not able to pay your fine at the same time. Your license and documents will going to submitted by government and for getting them released you had to pay a handsome amount of fine and had to go court nearby by in your area and in this form, you had to loss good amount of time. In some case you had to go more than 2 to 3 times.

3). Corruption Growth: – We all know that here in India everything happens with connections or with the help of money. It’s on everybody mind and mouth that Traffic service people are very much lucky. As, they are going to earn very big amount now on daily basis. Yes, imagine yourself in a scenario that is you had broken any rule of traffic and you are kept by officers.

Now, they had given you two choices and that is either you can pay huge amount in form of fine to Government or you can pay a small amount to him for getting freedom. We want you give answer to this question to yourself and decide either we are correct over here or not. Also, in case you want you can tell us about your thoughts on this.

In above paragraph we had tried to tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Traffic Rules. We hope that you all like our article. Also, in case you want to tell us anything or want to share your thoughts onto this. Please use contact us page or comment option.

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