Best Free Top 10 WordPress Plugins:

Best Free Top 10 WordPress Plugins. Guy’s, In blogging one of the most important section which comes is to choose the best plugins for your WordPress website. First of all, we want to clear the doubt of people like “What is a plugin and why it is used?” A plugin is a type of software which is used for making your site perform better and working into website easier. You need to do so many things on your website.

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First of all, you have to create contact us and about us page on your website and for that you need a plugin. Then, you had to write an article and in that article, you had to do SEO – for that you need a plugin. Yes, the next thing is sharing of that content for this also you need a plugin. So, it’s clear that for doing so many things in your WordPress website you need plugins. So, here in this article, we are going to share a list of plugins, which you can use in your WordPress site.

Best Free Top 10 WordPress Plugins:

Best Free Top 10 WordPress Plugins

Best Free Top 10 WordPress Plugins

We are going to provide those plugins list only which are available free on WordPress. If you are starting your blog then, these plugins are more then, enough for your blog. Yes, you can upload several new purchased plugins on your website later. Now, please go ahead with the below-shared list:-

1). Jetpack:- At present, it is one of the most popular WordPress plugins. Used by almost each and every blogger over here and also very efficient to use. This plugin is used to update you about your previous day traffic and detail of all those articles on your website, which were successful in bringing traffic on your website. Also, you will go to get so, many powerful tools to use for your website like as sharing, email subscriber.

2). Akismet Anti – Spam:- This plugin is also available free and uses for protecting your blog or website from getting spam comments. Use of this plugin is quite simple. All you have to do is install this plugin from add new plugin and then, you have to activate it. After that, you have to go on setting page. Then, have to provide API key. You will get this API key from the website. Here, we are sharing you the method through which you can get your Akismet API key – click here.

3). All 404 Redirect To Homepage:- There are so many issues which comes to your website. These errors will be responsible for slowing down your website progress. Due to these errors, your site ranking also goes down. That’s why we are here sharing this plugin name with you. Install this plugin and get freedom from all 404 errors.

4). Nofollow For External Link:- If you know about dofollow and nofollow backlinks then, you never want to give dofollow backlinks from your website free of cost. Also, when you are working on a big project then, it will become so much difficult to check and maintain. Each and every backlink as no-follow. Well, the guy’s don’t worry as we have the solution to that problem also. All you have to do is install this plugin on your website.

5). Limit Login Attempts Reloaded:- When your site starts becoming popular. Then, one wrong thing starts happening with your site. That is people or your competitors start doing through which they can put your website down. One of the easiest way they can do this. They can hack your website and get access to your website dashboard and delete all the posts on your website. So, if you do not want to happen this will happen to your website. Then, do one thing and that is installed Limit Login Attempts Reloaded. Through this plugin, you can set a limit to your dashboard login like two or three. So, that hackers do not have so, many chances to apply the wrong password.

6). W3 Total Cache:- This is one of the most powerful plugins for a website. You can use this plugin for increasing the runtime speed of your website. Yes, using this plugin is not that much easy as using other plugins. We are sharing a video link with you guy’s, which you can use for completing the installation of this plugin – click here.

7). Yoast SEO:- When you create a website. Then, doing SEO of that particular website becomes very much important. If you that your site content gets rank on Google search engine then, you must have to do good SEO while writing the post. If you have are new and don’t know how to do the best SEO for your site then, Yoast Seo is the best plugin for you. It will tell you about the things required in your article while writing an article.

8). Social Share Bar (Digg Digg Alternative):- If you want to gain more traffic then, you must have to share your post on various social sites. This thing becomes much better if your content gets shared by your visitors also. They will only do this if you write a good article and provide social share option along with it. This plugin will provide you that features.

9). Google XML SItemaps:- It will help you to get easy and effective sitemaps. It will help you to install your site on various other search engines like as Bing or Yandex via using a sitemap.

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10). WP-Optimize:- This is another free WordPress plugin. This is very much helpful for your guy’s it works for removing, waste data from your site. They are further not required by you and still it slowing your site. Install it via using add new tab in WordPress. It will help you a lot.

Above we had shared the list of those WordPress plugins which you must have to use in your WordPress website. In this article, we had shared Top 10 WordPress plugins list free available with you guys. If you are a beginner then, these plugins are more then, enough. Now, you do not have any need to slow down your site via using a bulk amount of unnecessary plugins.

Hence, in the end, your requirement get’s fulfilled. For getting more information like this don’t forget to subscribe our site and keep visiting our website on a regular basis.