12 Romantic Types of Kiss to Sublimate Love

12 Romantic Types of Kiss to Sublimate Love
12 Romantic Types of Kiss to Sublimate Love

Meta: Have you ever kissed? Kissing is a romantic action which almost all couples do to connect with each other. Ready to enjoy 12 types of kiss!

Do you know that kissing is an art? And the guy who knows how to kiss will easily make your love sublimate nonstop? A skilled kisser can easily to flirt gentle and sweet girls.

No one can deny that kissing is a way to show sweet and passionate love most. Nothing is sacred and close as much as a kiss. 

Kiss also has a lot of great benefit with health. It relieves stress and blood pressure, reduces anxiety and burns calories. First of all, we will study deeply about the kiss. 

“Climaxing” Process of the Kiss

Scientists have conduct research on human behavior and recognized that: kisses help us scent our mate. When the faces of two are close to kissing, the number of pheromones on the bodies are released. This is the decisive factor for the sublimation of kiss.  

While kissing, our bodies also secrete a number of special chemicals. Kissing helps produce dopamine, a powerful hormone that affects the same brain area as cocaine, making people feel comfortable and refreshed.

Kiss is a spice of love. Image via coc thu dam.

When kissing someone for a long time, the bodies will release oxytocin hormone, creating a feeling of peace and relaxations.

Kisses transmit flavor, sound and touch, all affecting each individual’s perception, making them want to kiss one more time. Lips are very sensitive because of the humorous number of blood vessels and nerves. 

A previous study demonstrated that women feel attracted by certain men’s body scents. However, each person perceives the attraction differently. Here are some types different types of kisses you should know. 

Reveal 12 Types of Kiss to Reach Sublimation of Love

1. Stolen kiss

You can kiss whenever they don’t expect. This not only shows your cuteness but also you are a sweet guy. A stolen kiss is suitable with a new relationship, certainly your half will be surprised !

Don’t just stop there, you can kiss her hair or forehead while she is sleeping. She can pretend to continue sleeping, but feel indescribable happy.

Make a steal kiss when you are in a new relationship

2. Forehead kiss

Kiss on the forehead is a full of meaningful action. It expresses the admiration and protection from your partner.  

Moreover, this is a great way to show your love with the lover, based on emotion. 

This kiss shows admiration
This kiss shows admiration 

3. Interrupted kiss 

The next kind of kiss you should try is to interrupt kissing. This is the type of kiss that dreaming girls often wish. Surely no one wants you to interrupt the story they are telling, but the kiss interrupts her word is extremely attractive.

The surprise is the key to fun. When she is speaking, you can gently kiss her. You will easily return to her story soon after.

An interrupted kiss is so romantic
An interrupted kiss is so romantic

4. Kiss to console when she is crying

Sometimes words didn’t solve anything, but it was embrace and protection that she needed. Kissing her while crying is also a way to help her feel more comfortable and love you more. 

Kissing at this time will help your girl take the feeling of safeness. Note that a light kiss is enough for this situation. 

Kissing is a way to console effectively
Kissing is a way to console effectively

5. The kiss against the wall

This is one of the forced kissing methods. Certainly they will go crazy when you can not control the emotions, standing in front of her and push her up against the wall, locking her lips in the most passionate way. 

Of course, they won’t want hurt but may want to be under your control! This kiss means: “I want you“ “ Be my own”.  Use hand to stroke her head, face or neck. 

Don’t make her hurt when kissing against the wall
Don’t make her hurt when kissing against the wall

6. French kissing 

Next, this is one of the most romantic and emotional lips kisses. However, this kiss needs rhythm from both. Therefore, you should let your love is ripe. If not, use this type of kissing can make women scared. In addition, you should note a few things:

  • You body should not be too rigid when kissing girlfriend. You can touch her with your hand, hold her closely. You should put your hands behind her head and kiss deeply to show your affection.
  • Do not forget to keep your mouth hygiene. Remember that you and your partner will be extremely close when kissing this way. Keeping your breath fresh is a way to make both comfortable.
  • Let your tongue gradually explore them, move gently, and don’t let the kiss get too wet.

Use emotion and energy to master the French kiss, not techniques. 

 French kiss involved complicated actions
French kiss involved complicated actions

7. Eskimo kiss

Love has a many tones of feeling, and eskimo kiss show the unique and playfulness in the relationship. Although there is no lip-touching, it is a way to show affection without sexual. 

Both of you can make eye contact, move nose gently and feel the connect between of you. 

Eskimo kiss is funny
Eskimo kiss is funny

In a relationship of love, kissing really plays an important role, shortening the distance between two people and connecting the couple closer. A kiss can be the beginning of intimate gestures. And then, to make your sex life more colorful, visit this site https://shopvochong24h.com/ and touch on anyone. It will surprise your partner. Do not be shy!

8. Kiss the neck

After kissing French, you can put a kiss on her neck. This is a sensitive area, can push your love up to a new level. The key factor when kissing neck is controlled your saliva in minimum.  

If you are in a new relationship, you should consider this kiss method. 

First, you can use a finger to stroke neck area lightly. After that, use an opened mouth to kiss gently. You can also bite her, but notice don’t make her hurt. 

Kissing neck shows deep intimacy
Kissing neck shows deep intimacy

9. Single lip kiss

This can be seen as one of the most romantic kisses. You can easily make this kiss by putting your lips on upper-lip or lower-lip, after that bite love and suck lightly.

 You should make this kiss slowly.
You should make this kiss slowly.

10. Earlobe kiss

Many couples enjoy kissing and nibbling on the ear. You can move slowly from lips to ears. This movement help emotion between both is constant and complete. 

Note to don’t make this kiss in the public
Note to don’t make this kiss in the public

To sum up

One of the most important things when kissing is that: you should keep your breath fresh, don’t touch teeth and kiss too long. These can make your partner uncomfortable. You should learn how to take care of the mouth to get sexy lips. 

Remember that choosing a suitable place and time is to show love. Show that you are a romantic and subtle person.

Besides, the couple can discuss openly any types of a kiss, as long as both feel comfortable

Not all of the people in the relationship can feel entire the power of love, as well as make a right kiss. Get some above tips and be a good kisser!