A Guide for Hiring the Right Financial Analyst

A Guide for Hiring the Right Financial Analyst
A Guide for Hiring the Right Financial Analyst

Being the employer, it is the hard task to filter out the right and most eligible person for any of the job roles in the company. When speaking about the financial analyst, he or she is the one who is going to make a huge impact in the finical activities of your company that may create a significant impact on the revenue and the growth of the company.

A Guide for Hiring the Right Financial Analyst
A Guide for Hiring the Right Financial Analyst

1. Concentrate on the core area of the job:

In addition to the regular question that you ask your candidates, you should be prepared with several other questions to find the efficiency of the individual in the areas of financial planning, critical thinking, and accounting. All these are considered to be the core aspects of the financial analyst.

2. Start with the basic:

In the initial screening process of the interview, be more focused on the fundamental area of the job role. You need to know about the adequate professional knowledge of the employees in educational background, additional certification from the resume. Further, it is important to analyze the communication skills as it is highly important for the proper understanding and conveying of the information.

3. Evaluate the quantitative and accounting basis:

This is the main area that you should focus on! To evaluate the candidates, you can present the tough situation that your company has faced before, give some data and make them work with it, give some data with duplicate changes and find if they can identify them, etc. All these can make your analysis the efficiency of the person. Also, they should be the best learners and be with the thirst of learning and updating themselves all the times.

4. Determine the knowledge on the business and critical thinking:

There might be some conceptual problems in the business and the finical analyst need to manage them. You can find them by asking appropriate questions related to it. For example, consider that your company produces the cloths and they have delivered it. Ask for the overall cost from planting trees till the delivery of the cloths. The idea is to make them think like a financial analyst and calculate. Even if the answer is not appropriate, it is better to consider the ability of the candidate in the skills. It is easy to train such people and bring them in your picture of business analysis.

5. Have a group discussion:

Soft skill is the significant area if the person is appropriate in all the area of the business and do not know to communicate them with higher officials will not be any use in hiring such people. You can evaluate the personal skill and the way they exhibit their views to others. With the technical knowledge, all these also play an important role in the success of the role as the financial analyst.

Final thoughts:

Ample people are looking for the job of a financial analyst. If you need to hire the right one, you have to come up with different strategies and ideas to make the right selection of the candidates. The financial analysts like Bradley Fauteux and others are the experts and highly proficient in the area of excel modeling, calculating present values based on the future cash flow, constructing, etc. All these together will be beneficial for your business. Brad Fauteux has specific experience in the areas of service delivery, organizational design, business development, relationship management, and financial management.

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